Hulled Vs Unhulled Sesame Seeds:  A Detailed Comparison

Hulled Vs Unhulled Sesame Seeds:  A Detailed Comparison

Sesame seeds are a healthy food option for all of us. You can use them to eat or use them for cooking food. Another practice, you can also use them to garnish the food.

Beside this you can also find various uses of oil forms of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are full of nutrients and have a nutty, sweet, and delicious taste.

Do you know the difference between hulled and unhulled sesame seeds? If not, this blog will help you in the best way.

Hulled Vs Unhulled Sesame Seeds:

The major characteristics between hulled sesame seeds and unhulled sesame seeds are below.

·       Hulled Sesame Seeds Components & Benefits:

  • Sesame seeds without the outer layer, also called hull, are known as hulled sesame seeds.
  • The hull of the sesame seeds is removed in processing to produce hulled sesame seeds.
  • The hulled sesame seeds are off-white in appearance, in raw state.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are most commonly used in America.
  • Hulled sesame seeds do not contain Oxalates, which can be a cause to kidney stones.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are the best option for you when you have to avoid oxalates.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are the most popular decoration for hamburger buns.
  • You can use hulled sesame seeds to garnish flavored bread & pasteries.
  • Hulled sesame seeds contain Calcium and Fiber.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are a rich source of Vitamin B and E.
  • Hulled sesame seeds offer a tasty flavor and adds more crunch to every bite.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are nutty in taste.

v What are Hulled Sesame Seeds?

As mentioned above, hulled sesame seeds are without their outer layer and they contain many minerals like Manganese, Iron, and Calcium. These are also rich in natural preservatives like Sesamin and Sesamolin.

Hulled sesame seeds also play an important role in helping you repair your body tissues. You can also benefit from sesame seeds as they help you get stronger bones.

You can use hulled sesame seeds to control/decrease high cholesterol levels, which is why hulled sesame seeds play an important role in helping your heart function well.

Hulled sesame seeds also play an important role in helping your body cells to function rightly. Hulled sesame seeds help with undisturbed oxygen supply to your body.

As described, hulled sesame seeds have amazing health benefits, you need to use them regularly.

You can include hulled sesame seeds in your daily routine, unless you are prone to allergy or on restriction by a medical professional.

·        Unhulled Sesame Seeds:

  • Sesame seeds in which the hull of the seeds is intact are called unhulled sesame seeds.
  • The hull of unhulled sesame seeds is not removed during the manufacturing process.
  • Unhulled sesame seeds are brown/darker in appearance, raw state.
  • Unhulled sesame seeds are most commonly used in Japan.
  • Unhulled sesame seeds contain oxalates, as the hull (outer layer) is not removed.
  • Unhulled sesame seeds taste slightly bitter because of the presence of oxalates.
  • People prone to kidney diseases are recommended not to use unhulled sesame seeds, due to oxalate presence.
  • The slight bitter taste of unhulled sesame seeds does not make it a popular choice for topping.
  • Unhulled sesame seeds are also rich sources of Calcium and Fiber, as hulled sesame seeds.
  • Unhulled sesame seeds offer Vitamin B and Vitamin A, which is comparitvely lesser than hulled sesame seeds.
  • You can use unhulled sesame seeds to prepare Japanese stir-fried dishes.
  • Unhulled sesame seeds are the best option for the preparation of savory food items.

v What are Unhulled Sesame Seeds?

As explained above, unhulled sesame seeds have their outer layer. The presence of different minerals in hull, you can get different benefits for your body.

Unhulled sesame seeds can help you give your body ideal nourishment. Unhulled sesame seeds can help you get a natural glow on your face.

Unhulled sesame seeds are great sources of energy. If you want increase in your physical strength, you need to use unhulled sesame seeds regularly.

Besides this, unhulled sesame seeds can help you avoid hormonal imbalance.

Unhulled sesame seeds also helps in the digestion process. If you have digestion issues, you can always choose to use unhulled sesame seeds.

These seeds will also help you fight inflammation. If you have chronic inflammatory diseases, you can benefit from unhulled sesame seeds.

You can benefit from the nutritious values of unhulled sesame seeds and have taste buds for slightly bitter sensitivity, you can opt for unhulled seeds.

You can include unhulled sesame seeds in your daily routine, unless you are prone to allergy or on restriction by a medical professional.

Nutritional Difference Between Hulled And Unhulled Sesame Seeds:

We will discuss the difference between hulled and unhulled sesame seeds based on their nutritional contents.

·       Calcium and Iron:

If we talk about Calcium and Iron, unhulled sesame seeds are rich source. So, if you prefer Calcium & Iron rich doet, unhulled sesame seeds must be your preference.

·       Vitamins:

As far as the nutritional amount of Vitamins is concerned in hulled and unhulled sesame seeds, hulled sesame seeds are rich in Vitamin B & E where as unhulled sesame seeds are rich in Vitamin A & B.

·       Magnesium:

Hulled sesame seeds are comparatively low carriers of Magnesium then unhulled sesame seeds.

·       Phosphorus:

If we talk about Phosphorus, hulled sesame seeds are winners.

·       Potassium:

Unhulled sesame seeds contain more amounts of potassium as compared to hulled sesame seeds.

·       Zinc:

If you want to add zinc to your diet, you need to opt for hulled sesame seeds, as these are richer source as compared to unhulled sesame seeds.


To sum up, all in one, hulled and unhulled, both sesame seeds have their benefits. Therefore, one must choose them according to to their preference & goals.

Sesame Seed: 10 Nutritional Benefits That You Must Know

Sesame Seed: 10 Nutritional Benefits That You Must Know

Do you know the health benefits offered by sesame seeds? Sesame seeds are not only known for their health benefits, but they also help you enhance the flavor of your food. Sesame seeds are also used in the manufacturing of sauces and cooking oils.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common nutritional health benefits of sesame seeds. For instance, sesame seeds help you improve your heart’s health and lower your blood pressure.

Sesame Seeds Benefits:

Sesame seeds help you strengthen your bones and also improve male fertility. Furthermore, sesame seeds play a key role in boosting your respiratory and digestive systems. Sesame seeds are also known for their laxative properties.

Other benefits include avoiding diabetes, sleeping disorders, chronic inflammation, depression, stress, plaque buildup or tooth enamel recovery and skin care issues.

If you are willing to get all these nutritional benefits offered by sesame seeds, you need to add them to your regular food.

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Sesame Seeds?

Most people do not know the benefits that sesame seeds carry, if you are one of those we are here to help you rightly. We are going to discuss ten nutritional benefits of sesame seeds over here:

1.     Sesame Seeds Play An Important Role In Avoiding Inflammation:

Sesame seeds play an important role in helping you reduce inflammation. This is because of the presence of copper in sesame seeds, and you can easily avoid joints, bones, and muscle inflammation.

This also helps you avoid inflammation-associated diseases like arthritis. Having adequate amounts of copper in the blood can help you maximize blood circulation, and this helps you ensure that all of your organs receive enough oxygen and are working properly.

2.     Sesame Seeds Help You Boost Your Metabolic Activities:

This is another nutritional benefit offered by sesame seeds. Sesame seeds play an important role in helping you increase your immune system because of the high levels of proteins.

A protein-rich diet helps add mobility, cellular growth, and energy levels. To boost your metabolic activity, increase in overall strength, you need to benefit from sesame seeds.

3.     Sesame Seeds Help you Take the Right Care of your Oral Cavity:

This is quite an essential nutritional benefit offered by sesame seeds. Sesame seed oil is a great source to reduce plaque and dissolution and to repair demaged tooth enamel.

Sesame oil possesses anti-bacterial properties, which help you avoid bacterial growth in your mouth. To enjoy oral helalth and strong teeth, opting for sesame seeds and sesame oil is the right choice.

4.     Sesame Seeds Help you get Stronger Bones:

Sesame seeds play an important role in strengthening your bones because of presence of Calcium and Zinc. So, if you want to have strong and healthy bones, you need to add sesame seeds to your regular diet.

People who are suffering from any kind of bone injuries, ostreoperosis, sesame seeds are proven source for recovery.

5.     Sesame Seeds Help In Increasing The Male Fertility:

Male infertitlity is also one of the problems which can be taken care by use of sesame seeds.

You can find sesame seeds to be improving the quality of sperm, and this plays an important role in avoiding infertility issues. Moreover, you can also find sesame seeds to play a significant role in helping you improve sperm count and sperm motility.

6.     Sesame Seeds Help You Stay Away From Diabetes:

This benefit of sesame seeds is effective for people with a family history of diabetes. As diabetes runs in the family genes and complicates your life, you must take different precautionary measures to have a healthy lifestyle.

7.     Sesame Seeds Help Avoid Heart Issues:

Sesame seeds also play a key role in helping you keep your heart healthy. The studies have shown that sesame seeds have a significant impact on decrease in cardiovascular diseases. To avoid/control your immunity towards cadiac arrest, sesame seeds are a cost effective and pocket friendly option.

8.     Sesame Seeds Are Known For Healthy Digestion:

Here is another important reason to opt for sesame seeds in your regular diet. Yes, sesame seeds play an active role in helping you avoid digestion issues. A lot of people have complaints about routine issues with digestion which can be avoided by the regular use of sesame seeds.

9.     Sesame Seeds Help You Get Healthy Hair:

Due to the presence of omega fatty acids in sesame seeds, they are proven for improving roots and hair growth and decrease ageing in hair. Sesame seed oil is also a good source to overcome dandruff and dryness in scalp.

10. Sesame Seeds Help You Get Glowing Skin:

As one of the nutrients in sesame seeds is Vitamin E, it is a popular ingredient found in skin care products. The possibility of benefits is plenty, when there are no chemicals involved. Including sesame seeds in regular diet will definitely have healthiest impact.


With a variety of benefits mentioned above, sesame seeds are the safest, healthiest and most economical option and we at Arm Comm focuses on providing premium quality of sesame seeds to our clients.