Round Grain Rice

A similar variety to the Italian Arborio rice, Pakistani Round rice is directly from the Himalayan Mountains. Water from melted glaciers is used to grow this variety of rice in Pakistan. Microbiological & Heavy Metals are found to be extremely low. Farmers using ancient & modern methods bring this rice to be some of the highest quality grains of rice in the world.

Armcom offers Japonica/Round Grain with levels below 40 ppb of Inorganic Arsenic and Aflatoxin below 1 ppb. This special variety is perfect for baby foods.


It is defined as that form of rice whose husk and bran have been removed completely during the milling process. Because the white rice undergoes this process, it is also known as polished rice. It contains less amounts of: niacin, thiamin, magnesium, zinc, iron and fiber than the brown rice.


Brown form means the rice has been husked, graded, cleaned, sorted but not gone through the polisher. This kind of rice takes longer to cook but has more vitamins than the white rice because of having 8% bran layers on top. It remains short after cooking, the outer bran layers of rice do not allow it to elongates compare to white form of rice does. Brown rice is recommended for those who are aiming for a healthier lifestyle.