Organic and Conventional Sesame

Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum. Sesame has one of the highest oil contents of any seed. With a rich nutty flavor, it is a common ingredient in cuisines across the world. At ARMCOM we aim to deliver the highest quality sesame seeds to delight the taste buds of consumers around the world. Our portfolio of Sesame Seed products includes natural sesame seed, hulled sesame seed and sweetened sesame seeds.

Fuelled by our aim to produce the best quality hulled sesame seed product we work throughout the value chain to deliver a premium product. Our procurement department carefully sources the highest quality raw materials which are fed into our hulling plant. The plant is engineered in a unique way to make the best quality hulled sesame seeds. Our plant is run according to the best manufacturing practices and run by trained and specialized personnel.


For Hulled sesame seeds, the natural sesame seeds are passed through the huller. After the seeds are peeled they are passed through four different sifters. Then the seeds are dried and again passed through the sifters. Finally before packing the seeds are color sorted using the Delta Color Sorter.

ARMCOM offers Hulled Sesame Seed processed with hi-tech machines in the most hygienic conditions. Our hi-tech process preserves all the natural richness and flavour of the seed.

The whole process is continuous without any human hand touching the product throughout the process. The packaging is done in a fully tiled packaging room. One of the major benefits of ARMCOM vertically integrated structure is very competitive prices, top quality and timely shipment


  • Sesame seeds are good for healthy cooking and also treated suitable for salad oils and margarine
  • Sesame seeds are used for seasoning purpose to enrich flavor of your dish and generally available with top sesame seeds exporters.
  • Natural Sesame Seeds have plenty of medicinal benefits and good to protect liver from oxidative damage.
  • The powder prepared using sesame seeds are good for bakery foods mostly in breads and buns for crunchiness.
  • A paste or spread is prepared through sesame seeds that are usually suitable for crackers and toasts.
  • Sesame seeds are popular to keep your heart and mind healthy and sesame seeds exporters are growing everyday who deliver quality products to their customers’ at most favorable prices.
  • Sesame seeds are good to use with food items and cooking items.
  • It can be used for treating diseases like headache or migraine
  • It is used to give protection to our lever and helps in oxidative damage.
  • It can be used along with bakery items mostly in breads
  • Used in bakery and bars


Item Specification highlights Packaging
Hulled Premium Sesame Seeds 99.97% purity Moisture: max 5% 25 kgs paper bags
Single Roasted Sesame Seeds Single Roasted 25 kgs paper bags
Double Roasted Sesame Seeds Double Roasted 25 kgs paper bags
Natural Regular Sesame Seeds 99/1/99.95 25 kgs paper bags
Natural Small Sesame Seeds 99.9% purity 25 kgs paper bags
Roasted Natural Sesame Seeds 99.9% purity 25 kgs paper bags