Vacuum Packaging

ARMCOM has introduced Vacuum packing for Rice, Rice Flour & Sesame Seeds.


Vacuum packing is a method of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing. This method involves placing items in a plastic film package, removing air from inside and sealing the package.

Benefits of Vacuum Packing:

  1. Longer Shelf Life: By removing air, there is no oxygen in the bag for weevil, bacteria or fungi to survive.
  2. No Damages: Bags strength has been improved massively! Plus by having no air there is less damages as when pressure is applied on bags during loading/offloading air is not looking for space to get out.
  3. Needless storage space: By removing air we have made bags flat, meaning you can stack more bags in the same amount of space. This is very good for customers with small stores e.g. restaurants, small supermarkets or wholesalers.