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10 Best Ways to Use Sesame Seeds

10 Best Ways to Use Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds include phosphorus, which helps to preserve our bones and teeth, as well as B vitamins, which are important for keeping our metabolism healthy. Unsaturated fat, which is abundant in these seeds helps lowers cholesterol. Therefore, substituting unsaturated fats for saturated fats like those in sesame seeds may also help prevent coronary heart disease.

Consider the advices listed below for additional ways to include healthy sesame seeds into your diet. These seeds are very adaptable and need to be a staple in every kitchen pantry. Since they can be used in anything from baking to salads and sauces to seafood.

1. Sesame chicken

People will be seated quickly for this Asian-inspired meal, and that too for good cause. To begin, marinate large chunks of chicken in a sauce consisting of sesame seeds, oil, and flour even better use sesame flour. Then, add your chicken and cook it till it’s tender-crisp in a skillet with mushrooms, garlic spring onions, and coriander seeds. Finish it off by serving it over fluffy white rice. We like this modest meal since it is simple to prepare and will keep you satified all night.

2. Dressing

Make an easy multipurpose dressing using sesame seeds. In a mixing bowl, combine equal parts of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar; you can change the proportion to your liking. Now, stir in the toasted sesame seeds and minced garlic. You can use this dressing on quite literary anything from steamed vegetables, to salads and noodles. Keep it in the fridge and use within a week.

3. Sesame seed brittle 

Want to wow your guests with a dish that is as delicious as it is beautiful? Try this recipe for sesame seed brittle. Put a wok over medium heat, combine sugar, honey, and water; stir constantly until a smooth consistency develops. While stirring, add raw sesame seeds, and look for an amber-caramel colour shift. Put butter and vanilla essence in the pot after turning off the heat. Pour the mixture onto a baking sheet, then let it cool and solidify. Once prepared, cut into pieces and get ready to serve.

4. Smoothie

Your go-to smoothie recipe might benefit from adding a teaspoon of these seeds. With their generally mild taste, sesame seeds go well with any type of smoothie. The tiny size of the seeds makes them easy to combine, and they’ll also give your smoothie some texture without making it gritty.

If you look for more sweetness, just add honey! As it goes really well with sesame seeds and frankly everything.

5. Tahini 

Tahini is a wonderful ingredient to have in your fridge if you enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine. Traditional hummus is made using this sesame seed paste, which is also used in a variety of other meals. Sesame seeds can be easily roasted in a skillet over medium heat until the seeds gradually brown and provide a delicious scent. When cool enough to handle, remove from the heat and process in a food processor to create a crumbly paste. Add 4 teaspoons of oil and mix for 2 minutes until the tahini is left with a smooth and pourable consistency. The sauce can be kept in an air tight jar for 14 days at max.

6. Sesame-seed-topped soba noodles

Adding Seseme seeds gives a contemporary twist giving the delicious soba noodles more vitality. You can serve grilled chicken and al dente soba noodles with steamed vegetables. Add a substantial quantity of soy sauce on top. After that, chase it with toasted sesame seeds for a fantastic texture. Make sure to share it with the people who matter most: your family and friends.

7. Sesame Milk

Make your own sesame milk at home using just the seeds and water. All you need is 2 cups (470 ml) of water and 1 cup (around 150 g) of raw sesame seeds. Both of them should be refrigerated overnight before using. Blend the ingredients until it’s completely smooth. Use the milk as-is to get the most fibre and healthy nutrients. You can even strain it through cheesecloth to have a silky texture.

8. Sesame Coconut fish with chili Spinach

This is another of our favorite recipe to show your culinary skills without much hassle. Use Sesame seeds, eggs, oyster sauce, brown sugar, coriander, and desiccated coconut. Combine them to make a batter. After that, cover the fish with the marinade and refrigerate for several hours. Now, place in a pre-heated oven and cook for 5 minutes on each side. Steam a spinach on the side. Finally, add chilli flakes to the steamed spinach before serving, and be ready to be in bliss.

9. Sesame Flour

You can replace part of the wheat flour in recipes with sesame flour. If your recipe asks for all-purpose (wheat) flour, you may use sesame flour in place of 1/4 of the entire quantity without affecting the outcome. If anything, the end dish could have a small nutty taste added to it!

10. Sesame Oil

Use sesame oil in salad dressings and stir-fry recipes alike. Sesame oil provides many of the same elements as sesame seeds, which have a high (healthy) oil content. Sesame oil has a moderate taste that works well for a variety of cuisines. It also has a high smoke point, making it the perfect choice for high-temperature cooking methods like stir frying.

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